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Legal support

Riga Real Estate lawyers provide advice and explanations on a wide range of legal real estate related issues.

Our services:

  • legal research of property or due diligence – identification of owner, history of obtaining ownership rights, encumbrances, structure of the property in life and “on paper”, possibilities of utilization, legitimacy of construction/rebuilding, necessary consent and procedures for dispossession;
  • preparation of the property dispossession and purchase agreements (incl. several languages) of any type and degree of complexity;
  • preparation of rent and lease agreements;
  • amendments of the contracts proposed by the other party of the transaction and representation in the transaction;
  • submission of an apartment re-planning and rebuilding for approval;
  • consultations on the taxes payable on sale or lease / rent of the property;
  • legal accompaniment / collateral of the transaction.

If the customer buys our proposed property or sells one’s own property through us, all the services mentioned above are included in the property sales commission.


Legal accompaniment / collateral of the transaction:

In case you have found your dream property by yourself or there is  a new potential buyer of your property, Riga Real Estate will provide a quick, convenient and secure drafting of all the necessary documentation. The services mentioned below are included:

  • legal reasearch of the property chosen or due diligence;
  • elaboration of an optimal transaction process and coordination with the other party of the transaction;
  • unlimited number of consultations on the nuances of the transaction;
  • preparation of a deposit agreement;
  • preparation of documents for getting a loan;
  • obtaining the necessary consent from a spouse, a creditor, the third party or the municipality;
  • preparation of powers of attorney, arranging their legalization and translation process;
  • verifying having no debts of utility payments;
  • elaboration of a secure purchase/ sale contract;
  • well organized signing of documents of the transaction - meetings at a bank and a notary at any time convenient for clients;
  • preparation and signing of a property act of delivery and acceptance;
  • during all the meetings you will be personally assisted by a professional specialist;
  • a surprise gift!

To have business negotiations held, we offer the premises in the very center of Riga. By your choice, we will arrange delivery and receipt of the required documents to the Land Register and the other institutions to save you time.

Trust us! Service fee 1-2% of the transaction amount and we will ensure a secure transaction designing!

* Standard transaction price. Prices may vary depending on specification of the transaction.

Your benefits:

  • Your interests will be represented by professionals carrying out all the formalities on your behalf, thus saving a lot of your time;
  • You will avoid having unnecessary payments, work absence and surplus payments;
  • immediate answers to all of your questions will be provided;
  • You will get a full and updated document review of your future property;
  • You will have a private real estate specialist available 24/7 for the transaction time;
  • designing process guided by a professional assistance will be a quick and convenient one.