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Design services

Professional designer with an extensive experience to improve your real estate

Development of interior design projects:

  • apartments and private houses;
  • guesthouses and hotels;
  • offices and logistics centers;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • shops.

Interior design would include technical drawings and specifications required during a construction or major improvements on specific premises.

Process of interior design:

  • meetings with a client, discussion of concepts and preferences;
  • measurements of an object or work according to technical drawings of an architecture department if construction has not yet commenced;
  • production of cost estimates for an interior design and negotiations with clients regarding terms and conditions of a prospective contract;
  • development of a preliminary design and its adjustment/ approval with and by a client;
  • development of specifications and their adjustment/ approval with and by a client;
  • creation of visualization and its adjustment/ approval with and by a client;
  • delivery of a design project;
  • architectural/ designer supervision;
  • interior decorating.

Services when there is no need for a full-fledged interior design project:

  • on-site consultations;
  • consultations in a store or showroom;
  • production of individual specifications and technical drawings.